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Ornate - Throughout history, an appreciation for intricate decoration has ebbed and flowed in and out of style. During many different cultural movements across the globe, a high level of adornment has been considered at times beautiful, sacred, skillfully made and high class and at other times overt, showy, overworked and low class.

Ornateness is currently at a lull in our culture. Although in recent times many people have been taking up a more DIY lifestyle and learning craft skills - perhaps seeking to return to a more natural and sustainable way of living - there are still steps we can take to improve awareness of the worth of things made by hand.

It is with this notion that we present Ornate, a celebration of artists who put profound emphasis on detail. Regardless, and even in opposition of the current norm, they produce expertly-crafted and highly-intricate pieces that highlight their process - their mark-making, application and stitching. Through the exhibition of their work, we seek to honor the importance and elevate the worth of process and intricacy in art and our greater culture.

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#CraftingCommunity Museum Open House - Pop Up Show

#CraftingCommunity Join us for a fun day of craft and community as Fuller Craft Museum celebrates Brockton residents with a Museum Open House and a ribbon cutting by Mayor Bill Carpenter. Admission is Free. Here are the day's activities:
Outside: a Box Truck Tiny House on view, created by Alex Eaves and Deek Deidricksen, Jor Her’s Sibling Organic Crops Farmers Market, Equal Exchange: Action Forum info table, and live music from a local band
Inside: In the Great Room a pop up art Show featuring artist Duken Delpe, our Social Medium contest winner Haley Cormier, and local painter Fatima
11:00 am a ribbon-cutting ceremony with words from the Mayor of Brockton, Bill Carpenter and Interim Director of Fuller Craft Museum Denise Lebica
11:00 – 1:30 pm Lady C & J SoulFood & Catering in artKitchen
1:00 – Brockton Arts Poetry Reading poets read some of their favorite poetry, join us for an open mike at the end
2:00 – Screening of “Reuse Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet” a documentary by Alex Eaves
All Day: open studios with live demos and craft activities, see the Brockton Youth Creates exhibition before it closes plus tours of the Museum

This event is one step in Fuller Craft Museum’s effort to celebrate its commitment to the city and to improve arts access to the residents of Brockton. By opening the Museum doors, Fuller Craft Museum hopes to inspire more Brockton residents to embrace, visit, and use the Museum as their own cultural resource.

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